• IPod Extractor
    Extract music from any PC IPod
  • Remote Control
    Control Easimp3 over a TCP/IP network
  • Auto Updater
    If you have an internet connection Easimp3 can automatically update itself making sure you have the latest version
  • Auto Lyrics
    If you have an internet connection Easimp3 can look up lyrics for your songs, it can now do this automatically
  • Quick Property Edit
    Easimp3 property editing is now even easier with Quick property editing. Multiple properties can be edited from the library display.
  • Lyics Search Tool
    Easimp3 can now search AzLyrics.com for mp3 lyrics.
  • Mini Player
    Mini player is a really compact version of Easimp3 which saves a huge amount of screen space while still providing most of the functionality of full Easimp3
  • New Internal Mp3 Player
    A new player is being tested in this version, it seems ok to me, it plays all of my mp3s properly with a good sound quality.
  • Colour coded ratings:
    Easimp3 can change artist/album/tracks icons to indicate their rating making it easy to find good music
  • Auto Rating
    Automatically increase the rating of songs you play often
  • Enqueue to multiple playlists:
    Making multiple playlists is easy with this feature, just right click on song or video and you can add it to playlists stored in Easimp3
  • Popups:
    Popup on system tray with song information when a song starts
  • *Advanced Renaming:
    Easimp3 can now automatically rename mp3s exactly to your requirements using a script i.e Album - [Track#] - Title.mp3
  • Sorting :
    Easimp3 will now maintain your sorting preferences so you can choose for example to arrange albums/artists by rating and tracks by track number

Other Features